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Founded in 1992 by French PC pioneers under the name ATON Systèmes, ACTIA PCs is a manufacturer of industrial motherboards and PC compatible systems designed and manufactured in France.
As the ACTIA Group's competence center for PC architecture systems, we offer a wide range of standard products for the medical, industrial and transport sectors. We develop and industrialize modular or tailor-made products to provide you with solutions adapted to your needs and at the right cost.

Mission and vision

​ACTIA PCs relies on the quality and experience of its teams to support integrators and OEMs in carrying out their projects, by providing genuine manufacturer support.

In a constantly changing industrial environment, we believe that user-friendly PC solutions combined with our modular and highly durable offering will contribute to the growing success of our customers.


With an average of 14% of its revenue reinvested in research and development, ACTIA PCs is pursuing its efforts to be innovative and bring you ever more pertinent and efficient solutions.

As an active member of various research programs accredited by the French Public Investment Bank for Innovation (previously Oséo), our strategy is to be resolutely cutting-edge and in tune with the standard of tomorrow.


Working on markets where success can only be built with a long time perspective, we have remained firmly attached to our values focused on high standards, commitment and responsiveness.




ACTIA PCs is a member of the Information Technology for Public Transport (ITxPT) association, which aims to facilitate interoperability by promoting the implementation of standards for plug-and-play digital systems applied to public transport, and a French Fab member which aims to federate industrialists and strengthen the promotion of French industry abroad.

Key Figures


ATON Systèmes was founded

ATON Systèmes joined the ACTIA Group

ATON Systèmes became ACTIA PCs

Actia Group

ACTIA Group Public traded - Eurolist C - family business present in 15 countries



15 persons


ISO 9001 : 2015, ROHS, REACH


Sales revenue

million euros


more than 30,000 systems deployed in France and abroad

Industry & medical

more than 100,000 boards and sub-assemblies sold in France and abroad


close to 10% of our sales