As the ACTIA group's center of expertise for PC architecture products, and with a wealth of experience in industrial and embedded environments, we bring the skills of our engineers to extend the usability of PCs to industrial fields as varied as the medical, machine tool, transport, avionics and automotive industries.



Medical field


Security - Defence


We offer equipment solutions to operators, integrators and fleets of passenger transport vehicles - bus, coach, tramway, metro, train - and goods - trucks.
These solutions meet the major challenges of the transport world: safety, connectivity, environment and management.
With expertise as an original equipment supplier to major vehicle manufacturers - electronic architecture, instrumentation, telematics, etc., with the ACTIA group, we offer equipment and complete solutions with portal-type software applications in infotainment (passenger entertainment), video surveillance, passenger information, fleet management, Human Machine Driver Interface, etc.


We also offer electronic boards and systems intended for the world of industry, particularly for machine tools. Allowing to withstand extreme conditions, our products are durable over time thanks to their maintenance in operational conditions, storage of obsolete components and development of compatible solutions.


For several years, we have been supporting major players in the healthcare sector in the design and installation of medical equipment. Historically supplying only electronic boards, we have developed more complete systems intended in particular for blood purification stations.

Security & Defence

We also work in the field of Security and Defence with reference companies in the sector; and also on security as data and cyber security.